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Our program is carefully structured and supported by a comprehensive training and certification process. The Teacher Training Program is based around self-instructional materials and provides teachers with all they need to train themselves to successfully present the method. The flexibility of this distance-based system allows you to do your training in the comfort of your home.

Teachers are provided with a series of Teacher Training programs, with each providing simple, easy-to-follow audiovisual instruction on how to present the pieces that students are learning. The materials provide a structured teaching pathway and present unique strategies for addressing the typical concerns and problems that students encounter along the way. In addition, students regularly receive Simply Music ‘Student Home Materials’. These materials support the student’s practice and provide an audiovisual summary of the material that was presented during their lessons.


Piano is surprisingly simple to learn and to teach via Simply Music’s unique playing-based approach, which has produced many thousands of happily self-expressed piano and keyboard players.

Our teachers do not need to possess advanced playing skills, prior teaching experience or a music degree. They must simply love to play the piano, love being around people and have a desire to share this incredibly rewarding method with others.

Whether teaching from home or from any suitable location, there’s a particular satisfaction that comes from teaching music, especially when it produces such extraordinary results.

Teaching Simply Music Piano means being part of a highly regarded and growing international music teaching community, supported by comprehensive training materials, coaching, marketing materials and other resources.

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