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The Simply Music Piano Program

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What Is Simply Music Piano?

What is Simply Music Piano?

We offer a global, online Teacher Training Program for piano that is revolutionary in its approach. Simply Music Piano teachers, using our unique, multi-sensory, playing-based method, have students of all ages who learn to play great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel and blues piano – immediately – from their very first lessons! Our Teacher Training Program redefines how music is taught and who is capable of teaching music. Our teachers, all of whom share a love of music and its value, include: music enthusiasts, highly advanced pianists, performing artists, recreational music makers, professional educators, studio musicians and homeschooling parents alike.

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How Simply Music Began

How Simply Music Began

From his earliest years Neil Moore, the Founder of Simply Music and creator of the Simply Music Piano program, heard music and pictured it in his mind in terms of shapes and patterns. This relationship to music became the basis of his entire approach to learning and playing piano. As an adult and a coach to traditional piano teachers he had an opportunity to teach a young blind boy to play. Using his unique approach to music Neil taught the boy through shapes and patterns, and subsequently discovered that his ‘playing-based’ approach could transform how quickly all piano students, of all ages, could learn to play. Thus began the foundation of what has become the world’s largest playing-based music education institution.

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The Simply Music Piano program

Revolutionizing Piano Teaching

Redefining how music is taught and who can teach piano.

How Simply Music Piano Works

Everyone is Musical

One of the critical factors behind the success of Simply Music’s Teacher Training Program is the fundamental premise that everyone, without exception, is profoundly musical. Whether we realize it or not our ability to walk and talk demonstrates a profound mastery over complex rhythmical and musical concepts – this is our natural ‘musicality’. We use this natural musicality in conjunction with our revolutionary approach to music education and have students immediately playing great-sounding music with ease at the piano.

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How it Works

The Simply Music Piano curriculum takes a very non-traditional approach to music education. In doing so it redefines who is capable of learning music. It also redefines the teaching of music. In essence, the method consists of a vast array of playing-based tools and strategies. Although these tools and strategies can be somewhat abstract to describe they are very easy to understand when seen and played. The bottom line is that this method has students of all ages playing contemporary, classical and blues piano from their very first lessons.

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Our Results

We are committed to revolutionizing our teacher’s success in having students acquire and retain music as a lifelong companion. In essence, the reasons behind the global success of the Simply Music Piano method are:

  • The quantity and quality of music that our piano students play
  • How quickly and easily our students learn to play piano

Our primary goal is to develop, in each of our teachers, the ability to achieve four basic goals with all of their piano students. To:

  • Experience music as a natural self-expression
  • Play a broad repertoire of great-sounding music
  • Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience
  • Develop the ability to self-generate and progress on their own
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Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training is remarkable – broad, deep and comprehensive, clear and concise – structured, beautifully presented and perfectly proportioned. This exciting program questions long-standing traditions in music education and will challenge you to consider new possibilities for the future of music learning and self-expression. We prepare you to teach the Simply Music Piano method and offer far-reaching support for your teaching, your studio management, your business development and for you as a person and as an educator.

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Some of what we provide includes 24/7 online access to video training that teaches you how to present every step of every song for every lesson of a structured curriculum that unfolds over many years. You have access to audio training recordings and reference materials, online communication systems, a vast and fully-searchable Teacher Library, connection and access to the experience and expertise of our global teaching community. We dive deeply into how to talk to people about Simply Music, how to acquire and retain students, how to set up and develop your studio (large or small) and how to continually refine your ability to teach this extraordinary piano learning method. We provide you with everything that you will need. We teach you how to teach as your students learn our remarkable playing-based piano method.

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Want to be a
Simply Music Student?

If you are somebody who has always wanted to play piano but believe that you’re not musical or if you tried piano lessons in the past and failed (for whatever you think the reason was) then this program is absolutely, definitely perfect for you!

Remember, our promise is that the Simply Music Piano Program will have you playing great sounding contemporary, classical and blues piano music – immediately – from your very first lessons.

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If you’ve just become a Simply Music Piano Student and your teacher has asked you to join the Simply Music Student Intranet click the ‘Enroll’ button below.

Your online account is where you can purchase and view the Student Home Materials and participate in the Student Forum. All of your purchased Student Home Materials are stored in the Curriculum Area of your account. These materials are an absolutely critical component of the Simply Music Piano Curriculum and give you all of the lesson support videos, audio music files and reference materials you will be working with at home each week.

Please Note: The Student Home Materials are not available in a hard copy format (DVD, CD, etc.). The Student Home Materials are in a digital format and are delivered on our streaming platform: the Simply Music Student Intranet.

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